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Visa Debit Cards

All active members of Central Coast FCU are eligible to receive a debit card.

You can use your card to make deposits, transfers and withdrawals on your Prime Savings or Checking Account. If you have a checking account your debit card also acts as a Point of Sale Debit Card, withdrawing purchase amounts (plus any requested cash-back) directly from your checking account. Point of Sale purchases can be made at any retail stores, gas stations or restaurants. There is no fee if you use your card at any ATM machines bearing COOP network logo. There is a $2.00 ATM network fee for use of your card at any ATM machine not connected thru Co-op Network (other surcharges by the machine owners/operators may apply- look for machines bearing a “NO SURCHARGE” label to avoid this use fee). You may use your debit Card at any machine bearing the following logos: CO-OP, CO-OP Depository (accepts deposits), Star, VISA, and Plus. Many other networks have shared agreements with the Co-op Network as well, enabling you to use your debit card all over the world.

Co-op affiliated ATM's are FREE of charge. Click Here to locate the nearest Co-op ATM near you.

All active members eligible to open a share draft “checking” account are eligible to receive a free VISA Debit Card. You can use this card at any ATM bearing the VISA logo, or to purchase goods and services at any merchant that accepts VISA cards. All purchases made with a VISA Debit Card are automatically withdrawn from your share draft checking account (for PIN-based transactions the funds are withdrawn immediately, for signature-based transactions funds are placed on hold until the next 2-3 business day at which time the hold is released and the funds are paid).

To report a lost or stolen card, please call (888) 241-2510 or (909) 941-1398 for international calls.

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