Share Savings Accounts

Prime Share Savings

A Prime Share Account is required for membership in the Credit Union. This account has a $25.00 minimum balance requirement ($5.00 for members 17 years old or younger). As long you maintain the minimum balance in this account, you are considered an active member of the Credit Union. The Prime Share Account is a "regular savings" account. Dividends are paid monthly. To earn dividends, you must have an average daily balance of at least $100.01 for the dividend period. There is no monthly service fee. Quarterly statements are issued on Prime Share accounts. You may open a secondary savings share if you so desire...

Sammie Savers and Surf Zone Savers

Our Sammie Saver and Surf Zone Savers Accounts are the ideal way to teach your kids or grandkids the value of saving money. Sammie Savers accounts are for kids twelve and under, and Surf Zone Savers are for kids 13-17. Dividend rates for these accounts are the same as our Prime Share accounts, only we start paying the dividends on an average monthly balance of only $5.00. We waive our membership fee for these accounts and lower the minimum balance requirement in Prime Shares to $5.00. Many parents (or grandparents) even arrange for automatic monthly transfers from their accounts to the kids Sammie Saver or Surf Zone Saver accounts.

Christmas Club

Check with the mega-banks in many offer Christmas Club Accounts? Most banks threw out Club accounts along with being able to see a teller without getting charged a buck fifty. Not Central Coast Federal Credit Union! Our Christmas Club account is the way to save money for the Holidays...dividends are earned monthly and pay starting on an average share balance of $100.01 for the dividend period. On November 10 of each year we pay final dividends and mail you a check for the full balance in the account. We pay a rate 1/2% higher than our Prime Share rates on Christmas Club Accounts. As this account is designed to promote savings for the Holidays, there is a penalty for early withdrawals. Please see our Truth in Savings Account Disclosure (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) for penalty and general account information.