Certificate/IRA Rates

All rates are quoted as Annual Percentage Yields, or what a fixed amount would earn if on deposit for a period of one year. All institutions are required to quote Annual Percentage Yields. Note that "compounding" is already factored in when determining Annual Percentage Yields! Rates and terms are subject to change; please call the Credit Union to verify the latest rates and terms. Note that on all Share Accounts fees charged could reduce earnings. See our Schedule of Fees for all charges associated with Share Accounts (a one-page PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader). Also available are the Credit Union's Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure and Funds Availability: Facts About Deposits, Holds and Withdrawals Disclosure.

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Dividend Tiers
  • $100.00 or less
  • $100.01 and over
  • Annual Percentage Yield
  • no dividend paid
  • 0.300%

Term Certificates*

  • Dividend Tiers
  • 3 month $1,000 min
  • 7 month $5,000 min.
  • 12 month $1,000 min.
  • 24 month $5,000 min.
  • 36 month $5,000 min.
  • Annual Percentage Yield
  • 0.100%
  • 0.200%
  • 0.300%
  • 0.400%
  • 0.600%
*For Christmas Club and Term Certificates there are penalties for early withdrawal. Money Market Accounts are subject to withdrawal limitations. Click here for the Truth in Savings Account Disclosure to review penalties and withdrawal limitations (a one-page PDF file requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader).