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New Online Banking FAQ

At CCFCU, we always try to find better ways to serve our members. Our new Online Banking which will be revealed October 5, 2015 is our latest upgrade and because we value your business, let us tell you about some of the new features.

To further the excitement we have added snap shots of what’s to come. Please click the links below.

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Login Screen

Your login credentials will remain the same.

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Online Agreement *First time log in only

An online agreement signifying that you will adhere to the terms and conditions of the website and the services that are accessible.

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Watermark *First time log in only

As a security enhancement we are implementing watermark images. This will help you identify Central Coast FCU's Online Banking website authenticity.

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Security Questions *First time log in only

An additional level of security to authenticate the member’s identity. This prevents any impersonator from logging into a member's account.

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Reset Password *First time log in only

A security question of your choice will be prompted to confirm ones identity in the event a password is forgotten. This will allow a temporary password to be generated via email.

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Accounts Page

Reflects member’s accounts.

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New Online Banking Navigation Map:

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My Dashboard

The dashboard is a customizable page composed of widgets that can be enabled or disabled at any time. Please note, if desired this page can be your default page.

Configuration Instructions:

The Dashboard is comprised of three columns (Left, Center & Right) which contains widgets that can be configured to your personal preference. To do so click the link "Configure This Page".

• Left Column: Contains widgets that allows easy access to the Message Center, eAlerts, Go To, Transfers, Download, and Account Balances. Any of these widgets can be removed by clicking the "x" in the upper right corner of the widget.

• Center Column: Contains widgets that allows easy access to your Shares Balance, Schedule Transfers, Recent Transfers and Recent Transactions. These widgets can be individually configured by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner. The widget also provides a direct access link by clicking the green circle with a white arrow which will access the full page for that widget.

• Right Column: This section contains CCFCU’s current ads/promotions and an optional widget called, “Did You Know” which provides helpful information for the website.

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Configuration of the Dashboard

By clicking on the link "Configure This Page" you will have the option to configure the widgets that are available in each column. Simply switch between columns to view the different widgets that can be added or removed.

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Transactions Page

Displays transactions and gives you the ability to search for specific transactions, view any holds and pending transactions.

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Download Transactions

The capability to transfer information onto a spreadsheet, word processing program, or popular money management program such as Quicken and Microsoft Money.

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Transfers Page

This screen allows you to make any transfers between your shares and loans. You can do One Time transfers or set up recurrent transfers. This page also give you access to view your pending transactions, history of you transactions and check withdrawal information.

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Stop Payments

Place a stop payment on a check.

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Settings Page

Access your personal settings to update your email address, change your password, update your watermark image and to rename shares.

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Manage Cards

Capabilities to change card status. Prevent fraudulent transactions by blocking access when you lose possession of the card.

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Account Settings Page

Access your personal settings to update your email address, change your password, update your watermark image and to rename shares. .

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Customizable alert settings to stay connected to your accounts.

Menu Definitions:

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eAlerts Balance Page

This is a sample screen on how to set up a balance eAlert on your account. Our new Online Banking allows you to receive eAlerts by text, email and at the time you login.

eAlerts Personal

Set up Personal eAlerts with our new type of eAlerts that can be used as reminders for anything.

Message Center Page

A secure way to send messages to the credit union, you can prioritize the level of importance and will be notified via email when the credit union responds.

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Additional Services Page

Additional services offered that can be done from your home and does not require for you to come into the branches are as follows:

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