Online Banking from CCFCU makes it easy for you to manage your accounts and money. Online Banking is free and provides the latest technology and tools to help you budget and bank how you want, when you want. We’ve got so many ways to get you connected. Check balances, print statements, setup alerts, update contact information and transfer funds. Check out all the innovative features Central Coast FCU’s Online Banking has to offer. To further the excitement we have added snap shots of what’s to come. Please click the links below. Click the image to expand and click BACK BUTTON on your browser to continue reading the page.

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Central Coast Federal Credit Union is always striving to enhance your online banking experience to better serve you. CCFCU Bill Pay-e Plus is an easy-to-use feature-rich bill payment service with an abundance of flexibility that should meet your needs. A checking account is required to enable this service. You will be amazed at how much it can simplify your life every month by:

Mobile Deposit

With a service that is fully encrypted, CCFCU has enabled Mobile Deposit to all its qualifying members. Now our members can enjoy the convenience of making check deposits without having to visit our branches.

  1. Click Here to check eligibility and other FAQ

What you need to know before you begin

Properly endorse the back of your check by:

  1. Signing the back of your check
  2. Write your Account Number
  3. Write: ‘For Mobile Deposit at CCFCU’

It is recommended to take the pictures with a dark background

The first $300.00 of the deposit will become available immediately. The rest of the deposit will be processed and funds will become available in 2 business days. Longer holds might apply

Please verify your transaction and void check after 14 days

In the event that there is a problem with the check, a representative from the Accounting department will contact the member for further assistance

Daily Deposit limit is $2500.00

Monthly Deposit limit is $5000.00

For larger deposits, please visit your local Central Coast Federal Credit Union.
Find a Branch

A confirmation will pop-up will display if the check was deposited successfully or not.


Mobile Banking

A solution that enables our members to perform banking transactions, inquiries, account transfers and bill payment by using their mobile devices.


  • View account balance and transaction history
  • View a graph of your withdrawals and deposits
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills

Mobile Deposit A convenient solution that enables our members to make check deposits from anywhere by using their
mobile devices. Click Here to learn more.

Quick Balance Enable Quick Balance to have access to your balance without logging in  See how to enable.

Android and iOS
Fingerprint Log in Unleash the power of your fingerprint with this feature that enables you to log in using your fingerprint on supported devices. See how to enable.
Android and iOS

Bill Pay Allows you to make payments to several different vendors online or mobile.

Transfers Transfer funds between your shares.

Graphs View a graph of your withdrawals and deposits.

Card Control Enable and Disable lost cards.

Travel Notifications Schedule your travels and the cards you will be using during your travel.

Statements View your monthly statements.


Available on the App Store Andriod App on Google Play

Online Banking

A system allowing our members to perform banking transactions/activities at home via the internet.

BillPay-e Plus

Allows you to make payments to several different vendors online or mobile.


An account summary/statement and any other correspondence delivered via e-mail.


Will notify you instantly via email or text message on certain transaction or event happening in your account(s) such as low balance notification, check clearing and even direct deposits.


Central Coast Federal Credit Union takes its position of protecting its member foundation very seriously, and as your financial solution we have implemented a form of authentication for our online home banking which is known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). We have always provided a secure and encrypted connection to our Online banking service, and now we are giving you an additional layer of security for your online transactions.

MFA protects you against phishing scams and other common consumer fraud activity. Upon logging into your Online Banking account, MFA will require a multi-step login process. You will be asked to enter additional information to verify account access. Multi-factor authentication makes it more difficult for hackers to retrieve critical account information. This added security feature is just another way your credit union provides you with the credit union difference. If we can help you reach answers regarding the multi-factor authentication process or if you would like to sign up for Online Banking, please contact the credit union. Online Banking provides members with 24/7 account access for FREE!

How do I get started?

Log into Online Banking with your username and password and once logged in, you will see a block of text stating that you have not yet signed up for Multi-Factor Authentication and you’ll also be prompted to select three Challenge Questions. These challenge questions are used to confirm your identity when you use a computer that is not registered. By answering your chosen challenge questions and updating your email address, you have successfully registered your account. That’s it!

What do I do?

All you need to remember is that if you see your challenge questions answer them and log in with your username and password.

How does it work?

The MFA system is a layered security authentication mechanism that adds an additional level of security to Online Banking when you log in. In addition to the familiar padlock icon in your web browser which assures you of a secure connection, you will be prompted to answer one of three randomly picked challenge questions that you choose upon enrolling. This helps ensure that you are who you say you are and bars another from logging in to your account.

What happens if I answer the challenge questions incorrectly?

The user will be allowed three attempts to answer the challenge questions. If the user answers the questions incorrectly three times, his her account will be blocked. Once the account is blocked, the user must contact the credit union to reset the account.

If I have more than one account will I have more than one username?

Members will be required to register one unique username for each account.

How often will members be impacted?

The system is designed to have a minimal impact on users. We expect less than 1% of transactions will receive the highest authentication.

Can the credit union reset a member's username?

If a member forgets his or her username, any credit union representative can provide this information after verifying the member’s identity.