Checking Accounts

Free Checking

At Central Coast Federal Credit Union, Free Checking means FREE CHECKING. No minimums, no direct deposits required and completely free of monthly service charges. There's no limit to the number of checks you may write or no per-check fee. We offer VISA debit cards, drawing funds directly from checking for your purchases at retail location with VISA, Explore or PLUS services (over 189,000 locations nationwide) and we won't charge you for seeing a teller. Monthly statements are issued on Share Draft Checking accounts.

Money Market Checking

A Money Market Checking Account is a great place for saving money for those future plans such as buying a house or saving for the kid's college expenses. The more money you have in a Central Coast Federal Credit Union Money Market Account, the higher dividend rate you earn. The account has an opening balance requirement of at least $2,500.00. Dividends are paid monthly on an average balance for the dividend period of $2,500 or more. Higher rates are earned with average balances starting at $7,500.00, $10,000.00 and $25,000.00. As this is considered an "investment" account, we limit withdrawals to three per month and the withdrawals must be for $100.00 or more. We supply you with free 50 Money Market checks. This is a Federally-Insured account- meaning you are never in danger of losing any of your principal investment (as is the case with some Money Market accounts at other institutions which may invest your funds in stocks, bonds or commodities).