Auto Loans

Central Coast Federal Credit Union offers competitive rates and terms on both new and used vehicles, including motorcycles. New vehicles (current or next model year, never previously titled and in your possession less than 90 days) may be financed for up to 100% of the manufacturer's suggested retail price, including tax, license and up to $3000.00 on a dealer extended warranty. New vehicle terms go up to 72 months for qualified borrowers. For used vehicles five model years or newer we will finance up to 100% of the retail blue book value, plus or minus mileage allowance, plus tax,license and up to $3000.00 on a dealer extended warranty. If the vehicle is older than 5 model years, we will only finance 80% of the retail blue book value. Terms on used vehicles go up to 66 months for qualified borrowers (up to 48 months for vehicles 5 model years or older). For some borrowers, we may require a 20% down payment on new or used vehicles. Affordable member payment protection is available on most purchases. We also offer fleet discounts at qualified dealerships throughout northern California.

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Motorcycle Loans

The Credit Union will finance 100% of the dealer invoice for new motorcycles 750 cc's or higher. Sales tax can be financed. New motorcycles are defined as one which has been in your possession less than 90 days and was never previously titled. We will only finance used motorcycles 750 cc's or higher. The amount financed cannot exceed 80% of dealer invoice, not including tax and license. If not purchased from a dealership, we require a valuation of the motorcycle from a licensed dealership. Maximum terms on new motorcycles are up to 72 months and 60 months for used motorcycles on 750 cc's or higher (based on qualifications). We will only finance motorcycles if titled in California. We also offer valuable yet affordable member payment protection on motorcycle loans.